Pole Levels - 8 Week Courses

If you have never done pole before you will start at Level 1. No experience? No Problems.  No minimum fitness level or prior experience required.  If you have poled before come in for an assessment!  

When you sign up for a pole term, you will be enrolled into the same class time each week for the 8 weeks. 

Coming soon - New Class for pole monkeys!  Pole Fitness is a popular fitness program for all ages. Youth Competitions are held each year around the state. 
Mums & Bubs

A class where you can bring your young children and not feel embarrased.  Please note we do not offer a creche and the children will remain in the studio with you.  We can lend a hand to hold and entertain while you attempt your moves!!

Tarsha MPD.jpg
Elite - Comp Training

Want more of a challenge - Enter a competition.  Several competitions are held each year around the state.  We can offer you the support and wisdom you need to choreograph and perform a routine.  Tarsha has competed and placed in several competitions and would love to help you perfect your performance.

Tammy Flex.jpg

Stretching your body to become more supple and flexible offers many physical benefits. Such training allows for easier and deeper movements while building strength and stability. Stretching your muscles and joints also leads to greater range of motion, improved balance, and increased flexibility.

This is a complimentary class when you sign up for a pole term, or $10 per class if you do not do pole. 


Bookings required each week


Having a strong CORE means that you will be able to move more efficiently and effectively, thereby improving your performance inside the studio, in a sporting arena and in everyday life.  

This class will focus on exercises to improve your core, not just your abs!

This is a complimentary class when you sign up for pole term, or $10 per class if you are not a pole student. 

Bookings required each week


Run as a monthly 1.5 hour casual class as we know sometimes life gets in the way of committing to a whole term.  Come and join Tammy for this high energy, butt building, sweat inducing class!!  No prior Twerk experience necessary and each class is open to all levels.  Joggers, knee pads and drink bottle a must!

Tarsha exotic.jpg

Learn this sensual style of Choreography on and around the pole including low flow and floor work. Exotica will stretch and strengthen your muscles, increase your cardio and make you feel like a goddess.

These classes are run as workshops or mini terms


One on one teaching if you do not like learning in a class environment, or simply want extra pole experience, a private lesson is the way to go.  Add $25 for each additional person.  Maximum of 3 people.